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New Picture Book Will Feature John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

Quite possibly one of the most famous and uplifting songs from The Beatles front man, John Lennon, ‘Imagine’ has gone down in history and served as a call to peace, especially after Lennon’s assassination in 1980.

A picture book, which will be published by Clarion Books, will feature the lyrics from Lennon’s song and illustrations from Jean Jullien

According to GalleyCat, the press release stated:

John Lennon was a founding member of The Beatles, the most commercially successful band in the history of pop music. In 1970, he embarked on a solo career. ‘Imagine,’ released in 1971, which Lennon composed in one session sitting at his piano, is just twenty-two lines long but has become a worldwide anthem of unity and hope.  

The release date is September 21, 2017, which is the International Day of Peace. 



Featured image courtesy of Billboard