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New Photography Book Exposes David Bowie’s Iconic Tour

The legacy of iconic British rockstar David Bowie will shine through the pages of an upcoming limited edition book of photography released by photographer Denis O’Regan called Ricochet: David Bowie 1983.


The book unveils hundreds of previously unseen photos capturing a candid glimpse of Bowie during his legendary 1983 Serious Moonlight tour for his album Let’s Dance



Image Via Denis O’Regan


O’Regan knew Bowie very well, following him closely during his nine month tour as he performed about 100 gigs in fifteen countries. 


It was the longest and most successful tour of his career at the time, and the intimate proximity between the artist and photographer will undoubtedly be translated through O’Regan’s photos.


david bowie

Image Via Denis O’Regan


What is perhaps unique about O’Regan’s upcoming book is the story behind, or accompanying, the images. The close proximity between the two allowed O’Regan to get a personal insight into the singer. O’Regan witnessed the transformation of the singer both onstage and off.


“He was very, very happy,” O’Regan said. “Bowie started playing to venues of 10,000, moved to 50-60,000 and he became a superstar. He really enjoyed playing to that many people.”


“Everything went right for him, the reviews were incredible, the album was a huge success, and he was a very happy man.”


david bowie

Image Via Denis O’Regan


In addition to O’Regan’s insight, readers can expect to see memorabilia including handwritten lyrics, tickets, setlists, and more.


Published by Moonlight Books, O’Regan’s work of art will be released in May 2018 and will cost  £3,000, or roughly $4,000. If the limited edition versions sell out quickly, fans will be in luck, as smaller versions will be released fall 2018 by Penguin Random House.


Though these editions will not feature the exclusives offered in the limited editions, they will still reflect the legacy that is David Bowie.


Featured Image Via ABC