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New Netflix Dystopian ‘Bird Box’ Will Star Sandra Bullock

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Academy award-winning actress Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, Gravity, Minions) is set to star in the Netflix film from a screenplay written by ‘The Arrival’s’ Eric Heisserer. The film will be an adaptation of the science-fiction thriller Bird Box written by The High Strung rocker Josh Malerman.


Following the character of Malorie, the narrative slowly unravels through shifting time spectrums. The novel is told in three distinct time periods: the beginning of the Problem (five years prior to the start of the story), shortly after Malorie gave birth to her two children, and the present situation. In this post-apocalytic setting, invisible deadly creatures have infiltrated into the world, and one glance at them will initiate endless suffering. If they are to survive, the children must enter the unfamiliar world blindfolded and be lead by their mother. Together, they cautiously move along a 20-mile long river, and hope for the best.



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Danish film director Susanne Bier, most well-known for her feature films such as In a Better World and After the Wedding, will be taking charge of adapting Malerman’s dystopian fiction.


Susanne Bier

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Scott Stuber initially developed this story at Universal, but brought this adaptation along with him when he began leading the development of Netflix’s original films in March 2017. Producers Dylan Clark, Clayton Townsend, and Chris Morgan aim to begin production this August in Los Angeles. However, an official release date has not been announced.


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