New Magazine Cover Hints At Captain Marvel’s Brand New Suit

Although no official footage has been released, fans everywhere are dying to see how the MCU will portray the incredibly powerful Captain Marvel, AKA Carol Danvers. However, a new magazine cover hints at the new addition to the movies; more specifically the look of the new heroine. 



This comes after fans saw shots of Captain Marvel in what appeared to be some sort of alien flight suit, possibly made by the Kree. We know that her specific origin movie will take place during the 1990s and covers the Kree-Skrull alien war, so that specific suit would make sense to see. However, many people were not happy with the coloration.




A possibility for the green suit choice may be linked to the origins of her powers | Image via Fandom



Now, Mundos dos Super-Herois has released a new edition of their magazine, and on the cover appears to be concept art of Captain Marvel in her staple, red and blue uniform. This has many fans speculating that the MCU is hinting at the classic return of the heroines most notable and recognized look.




Image via Comic Book Movie



Marvel has yet to comment if the cover is connected to the upcoming film and character. But this hasn’t stopped rumors from flowing about the possibility of this specific costume. Of course, fans of Carol Danvers take this cover as a good sign for the MCU to stick to the most recognized incarnation of the character. However, until Marvel comments, we’ll have to speculate.



Captain Marvel is set to release on March 8th 2019. Avengers 4 is set to release after in April, followed by the new Spider-Man: Far From Home sometime in July. Let us know what you think of the picture as well as any thoughts on the character and her upcoming feature film in the comments below!




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