New ‘Joker’ Teaser Trailer Debuts Joaquin Phoenix in the Chilling Role

Last week, we got a brief teaser for the highly anticipated Joker movie, and it did not disappoint. Joaquin Phoenix’s brief portrayal has fans hyped for a very serious film on a highly beloved and infamous DC character.





Since Heath Ledger’s phenomenal turn in the role, audiences everywhere have been wanting to see the killer clown back in action. Many people were disappointed with the more recent portrayal by Jared Leto in DC’s attempt to adapt the notorious Suicide Squad, as the villain was barely even in the film.


In addition to giving us the smallest of tastes of the film, the teaser not only gives us a short glimpse of what the end result of Phoenix’s character might look like as our beloved villain, but also teases a potential scene. We not only get a glimpse of the Joker’s trademark purple suit and green hair, but also a scene mid take at the other half of the video.




Image via The Indian Express



Additionally, fans have captured stills from the “flash footage” part of the teaser, composing the Joker’s proposed look by the end of the film, or at least when Phoenix’s character, Arthur, becomes the Joker. Here is where we are able to see the signature Joker look. Take a look!




Discussion: Haven’t seen any attempts to do this, so here is my attempt at stitching together the “flash” footage in the Joker video. Reveals a purple jacket and orange vest, curtains from r/DC_Cinematic



Joker is being directed by Todd Phillips and will be produced by Martin Scorsese. The cast not only includes Joaquin Phoenix, but also has Robert Di Nero, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, and Marc Maron playing key roles to the film. Tell us how hyped you are for the return of one of the best villains the world has ever had the pleasure to read about, but not the pain of meeting. Joker is scheduled to release on October 4th in 2019, so be sure to read on Bookstr for any upcoming news regarding this new, huge release.



Featured Image via We Got This Covered