New ‘Harry Potter’ Series Coming to HBO Max

Can it be? Yes, the most heart-felt wishes of every Potter fan have been answered today with the news that HBO Max has a Harry Potter live-action series in the works!



Finally, after years of hoping for even more to be added to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we’ve received the absolute best news ever. But, what can we expect this new series to look like? After all, the Harry potter child actors are no longer children. And something so sentimental to the Harry Potter generation as the original films and books is something I’m sure they are loathe to have manipulated unless done with the upmost care. However, no answers to these questions have been released as of yet.

According to comic

“…These conversations are in their very early stages, as no writers or talent are currently attached to any specific projects. At the moment, it appears as though executives at HBO Max and Warner Bros. are actively working on a way to bring the Harry Potter franchise to TV, and they are listening to pitches from various writers about how they can make that happen. At this time, there isn’t a concrete answer or direction.”

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any more developments regarding HBO’s smartest move ever- adapting Harry Potter to a live-action television series.

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