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New Harry Potter Book Gives Detailed Account of Wandlore

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you probably remember the first lesson you learned about wizards: the wand chooses the wizard. You probably also know that both Harry and Voldemort have wands with a phoenix feather core, which made for some interesting battles. Unicorn hair, dragon heartstring, or troll whiskers, you’ve heard it all.


What you probably don’t know is what it means if you get a vine wood, dragon heartstring core wand like Hermione Granger or a cypress wood, unicorn hair core like Remus Lupin. All that is about to change.


A new Harry Potter book, called Harry Potter: The Wand Collection, hits bookstores November 14, and we can’t wait! This book has it all, from a detailed look at every wand that appeared in the Harry Potter books and movies, to a breakdown of what each wand is made of and why it matters. 


Harry Potter wands

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Thanks to this book, you’ll get to read all about your favorite characters’ wands. This book even covers all three wands Ron Weasley went though thanks to his tendency to break every wand he held.


You can pre-order Harry Potter: The Wand Collection now!


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