New ‘Harry Potter’ AR Game Will Blow Your Mind

The world of wizards and witches has enchanted millions of fans ever since the very first Harry Potter book was released in 1997. J.K. Rowling created an ever-expanding universe where magic, people, and a myriad of different creatures and monsters all inhabit the Earth. Now this world is about to become very real, thanks to the developers of Pokemon Go, WB Games and Niantic.




Image via SegmentNext


The upcoming augmented reality game will follow similar mechanics to Pokemon Go. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will call on all wizards and witches around the world to defend against a magical catastrophe only known so far as the Calamity. The game will include an assortment of various activities based on locations in the real world, effectively blending the world of magic and reality just as the books and its long roster of characters have been able to do for years. 


When available, fans will be able to sign up as members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. This new battalion of skilled sorcerers blends the already known factions of the Ministry of Magic and the International Confederation of Wizards to put forth the best of the best in dealing with the wide arrangement of magical anomalies and creatures to be found in the game.





The new trailer may not showcase any actual game-play, but it definitely has fans excited for the limitless possibilities of this new take of wizard-storytelling. Characters from the main stories are said to be accessible in the game, and will even affect game-play options as well as crafting an authentic story. 


What do you think so far? Are you excited to finally see the world of magic coming to life? Or are you suspicious of this new take? 



Featured Image Via Harry Potter Wizards Unite