New ‘GoT’ Infographic Shows Every Characters Screentime With Amazing Detail

Reddit creates an amazing space for fans of all things to come together and share their thoughts, opinions, theories, and often argue about them, as well. While the arguing is an entertaining, yet annoying, part of all social media platforms, reddit’s Game of Thrones fans really take the cake for coming up with some awesome things for me to look at. Here’s what I found today:


GoT infographic

Image Via reddit (jmerlinb)


Now, I know this is probably tough to see. If you’d like to really explore this in high resolution click here. This was posted by reddit user jmerlinb. The infographic breaks down the screen time of 212 (anyone else not realize there are even that many?) characters by the house or category they belong to. Clearly the Starks take the lead with Jon as the Stark (or Targaryen) with the most screen time. Next is the Lannister’s with Tyrion having the most screen time. I’m noticing a pattern here that my favorite characters are featured the most and now I’m wondering if I only love them because I see them often. Is this how love works?


Nah, they’re just amazing and even the directors think so.


There’s lots of debate (obviously) going on in the reddit thread about whether or not Jon should remain in the Stark category. Many believe his name should just jump down to the Night’s Watch and again to the Targaryen’s. I think that’s all unnecessary. Once a Stark, always a Stark. What do you think?


Feature Image Via NME/HBO