New ‘Game of Thrones’ Sets Mean Big Spoilers for Season 8

I know we have we have WAY too long to wait before the final season of Game of Thrones airs. Like, it’s a possibility that George R. R. Martin will release his next book before we see the show, kind of long. BUT, we can guess some major plot points based on information gathered by the lovely people who stalk the sets.. Watchers on the Wall, a GoT fan site, has reported on construction on the sites as well as on a new scene that has already been filmed!


Readers beware: 


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We know that the only way to kill white walkers is using dragon glass and we also know that Jon is mining the dragon glass from Dragonstone in order to gear up for the big battle. A new scene has just been filmed near the Winterfell set in Ireland where the Unsullied Army is fully armed with dragonglass-headed spears. Insane, I KNOW.


While the scene was NOT a battle scene, we can assume that they are getting ready to fight the White Walker Army and I am just way too excited already. 


The Winterfell set is also under construction. They have covered the grounds with white tarp, which to me suggests that winter is here and so are the white walkers. If you can remember, there are three Starks currently at Winterfell awaiting Jon to come back with news about the alliance with Dany. Let’s just hope that the Unsullied Army make it to Winterfell to lend a dragonglass-tipped hand to the Stark family before the White Walkers advance. 


And hopefully someone’s teaching the Unsullied how to throw those spears with precision  in order to take down Viserion (sorry, buddy). 




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