New ‘Fifty Shades’ In the Works

Right now, millions of Greybies (Fifty Shades fans) are sitting on their hands, just aching to see that new trailer. James is well aware that the hard core fans are dying for new material, so she has sated that hunger with an excerpt from her upcoming book. Behold…Fifty Shades Darker! It’s just like the other three, except for one small difference. IT’S FROM CHRISTIAN’S PERSPECTIVE! 

If you haven’t already read it, you’re probably dying to know, just what the heck does Christian Grey sound like? Well, after combing through the thing myself, some choice adjectives might be: Nervous? Tense? Giddy? The guy sounds rather insecure, really. 

In the passage, Mr Grey waits patiently outside of Ms Steele’s place of work, eagerly anticipating her walking out the door, all the while running through the whole gamut of self-doubt and insecurity. But it just. Isn’t. Happening. Of course I won’t spoil the end of the tantalizing two pages. 

UPDATE: EL James is very clever, and released the trailer on the same day. Here’s the teaser:


Featured Image courtesy of IMDB