New Elizabeth Warren Book Fights for the Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren has laid out a specific approach to combat our uncertain political times, and that approach comprises a detailed battle plan. Warren, known for her fiery passion and unwavering determination, promises not to hold anything back in her book The Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class. In it, she discusses how the middle class and politicians alike should navigate the coming months and years.

According to the Boston Globe, the book will, in Warren’s signature fiery candor, “trace the development of the middle class from the New Deal to the Trump administration. Warren will outline her ideas for how the government can better serve the middle class and weave in stories from her time in the Senate and the experiences of Americans who have struggled under the current economic policies.”

The US Senator, following a lengthy career as a distinguished law professor well-versed in the politics of bankruptcy, has focused much of her political career vetting for America’s middle class. This Fight is Our Fight is a powerful follow up act to 2014’s A Fighting Chance, an autobiographical account of the “series of battles she waged on her road to becoming a US senator.”

Whether you’re a Warren fan or you’re simply interested in politics and the class system, this book will certainly afford you much to ponder regardless of your personal stance on the topic.

Mark your calendars  This Fight Is Our Fight is slated to join her vast body of work on April 18th.

Image courtesy of Elle.