New Discovery of Annotated Darwin Book Shakes Up Biology

Darwin’s extensive revisions of his scientific research are to be seen in this annotated copy of The Origin of Species, a rare and truly remarkable antique book showcasing the physical evidence of a scientist’s work, which at the time undermined the very credibility of Genesis. 


Christie’s auctioneers have located a copy of The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection with handwritten revisions by Charles Darwin himself, and it is set to be auctioned next month for anywhere between £300,000 to £500,000.


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This means that for the first time fans of the scientist’s work will be able to make a precise reading of his exact revisions without the veil of reconstruction and translation. The book will provide an insight into his working method which is pretty awesome considering his method changed the course of science and our understanding of evolution, after studying ecosystems while on board the HMS Beagle, sailing between various islands off the coast of South America.


Christie’s has shed light on where the annotated book has been hiding since these edits were made, saying that for a time it was thought to have been in the possession of translator H.G. Bronn, who died in 1862. Bronn was Darwin’s German translator who was working on the second German edition of The Origin of Species, with the alterations being added into the fourth English language edition, meaning they remain the definitive text of the seminal scientific work. 


As it turns out, however, Bronn was not in possession of text and instead it was found in the hands of Darwin’s correspondent, the German palaeontologist Melchior Newmayr and his descendants. Christie’s plan to include a letter penned by Darwin to Neumayr in the auction.



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Exciting times for those with an interest in evolutionary science! 


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