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New Cover of Revived Horror Magazine ‘Fangoria’ Will Give You Chills

Fangoria has remained a crucial piece of horror pop culture ever since its inception in 1979. Writers, actors, artists, and filmmakers all used the publication to both inspire and utilize in pursuing their own projects. Submissions revealed horror content that garnered enough fans for the issues to keep coming out until its untimely hiatus starting from 2015. Now, the publication is back and, with its revival, has brought a much needed reminder of the horror hay-days.




Image Via EW.com


Featuring the notorious Michael Myers, Fangoria is reflecting on the good old days with its comeback and classic horror movie character. After being sold to Cinestate, the magazine is now scheduled to release quarterly. However, the new buyer doesn’t bring any essence of bad changes to the renowned horror magazine. 


Phil Nobile Jr. will return to the project as editor-in-chief. In an email with Entertainment Weekly, he reflected on the choice of cover for the revival:


“As you can see from the cover, I wanted to go fully retro, It’s a statement — the original Fangoria almost always used photos, and so many great horror mags have cover illustrations that us doing that would’ve felt a little copycat-ish (though inside the mag you’ll find amazing new artwork from Gary Pullin and others). We had an opportunity to run an exclusive image by Dan Winters from the new Halloween on the cover, so we, of course, jumped on it.”




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For those who wish to read up on the sensational horror magazine, check out Fangoria here. The new Halloween film is scheduled to release on October 19th.





Featured Image via Dread Central