New Comics Service Promises to Be the Spotify of the Comic Book World

There are many different options for getting comic books both new and old. Still, with so many different publishers and subscription plans to manage, reading comics can be annoying for some. This new service promises to make things easier.

Graphite Comics has released a new streaming service, simply titled Graphite, that allows users to read comics from several different publishers for free. Much like Spotify, the service uses a freemium model that will allow users to have an ad-free experience for $4.99 a month.


Image Via Newsrama


Unlike other online comic services, Graphite uses an internal system that will recommend comics based on a user’s taste. This is similar to the Netflix algorithm that gives you recommendations from what you’ve recently watched.


Comics from IDW, Legendary and several other independent publishers are currently available to read, with up to 10,000 titles to choose from.


Graphite content chief Tom Akel is confident that the service will catch on quickly with many comic book readers:


“The comics industry is primed for a seamless and universal platform to provide creators and publishers with a platform to reach new audiences through next generation features and for fans to have a singular, freemium home to engage with their favorite series. Graphite is truly the first platform to embrace comics in all its forms.”

You can check out the content on Graphite here.



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