New Coloring Book Promotes Gun Safety

The nature of coloring books is changing. Initially, they were designed to be fun for children, but more recently, they’ve become stress-relievers for adults. Today, they are teaching important lessons to all ages.

Sara Westman, a freelance graphic designer and avid hunter, has created a coloring book featuring firearms and presenting gun safety in a fun, unusual manner. In an interview with Forbes, Westman talked about the idea and purpose behind the yet-to-be-titled coloring book:

“The book is primarily to use as a conversation starter and aid in conversation by showing a wide variety of firearms. By doing this, it allows kids to subconsciously learn what different guns look like, even if they have only seen a pistol or a rifle.”

People of all ages can learn the rules of firearm safety and discuss them with others while coloring in guns, making the conversation an accessible one for families. Westman has also partnered with Modern American Shooting & Firearms to make sure the message in the book is clear. We don’t want any misunderstanding when it comes to firearms…

Westman’s book will be coming to market next month – look out for a unique addition to the coloring book section in your local bookstore!


Featured image courtesy of KitFox Design Group Facebook