'The Man Who Invented Christmas'

New Christmas Movie Will Remind You How Awesome Charles Dickens Is

‘There may be something there that wasn’t there before…’ This could most likely be Dan Stevens’ new wig in order to play the part of the popular Charles Dickens in his new movie coming up. Yes, that may be it.


'The Man Who Invented Christmas'

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The handsome actor will be playing Charles Dickens (alongside Christopher Plummer) in The Man Who Invented Christmas, a somewhat crafted up story about how the author struggled in his career. Somehow he manages to create a holiday, time-travel, ghost, and morality story all rolled up into one as A Christmas Carol


Dan Stevens and Christopher Plummer

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“It’s difficult to appreciate how weird the idea of a Christmas book was in 1843,” Stevens explains. “People were baffled by it! Since then, it’s really become a part of the fabric of our conception of Christmas. I was really interested  to examine it as a work of art and also as a cultural moment.”


The actor’s curiosity and desire to get into character allowed him to happen upon some interesting accounts of the past author. It was written in one of Dickens’ daughter’s diaries that she would often find him in his study making faces in the mirror and speaking in funny voices to act out his works as he wrote them. What a dedicated man.


Charles Dickens

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As far as inventing Christmas, many people have pegged Dickens with this hefty title, however, it’s true in certain ways. Due to Britain’s industrial toil and the gritty hard times, Dickens wanted to make charitable works and goals the focus. He encouraged us to remember those who have passed and weren’t able to be a part of Christmases any longer. Through his stories we are meant to reflect on past, present, and future at Christmas time, the most special time of year. Another recurring theme seems to be failure and being humble along with gratitude. We definitely use a lot of his phrases about the holiday to this day.


I don’t know if I would say Dickens invented Christmas, but he sure as hell reinvented it. Check out the movie in theaters November 22nd!


God bless us, every one!


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