New ‘Children of the Corn’ Will Be A Prequel

A new ‘Children of the Corn’ movie has just finished production. We just learned that it was a prequel, among other things.

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Director Kurt Wimmer has finished shooting his upcoming Children of the Corn movie, inspired by the short story of the same name by Stephen King. Initially reported as being a retelling of the 1984 film, we now know that it instead is going to be a prequel, describing the events leading up to, and including, the massacre of all of the adults that inhabit the small Nebraskan town of Gatlin by their children. 

As producer Lucas Foster said in a recent interview with Variety, their upcoming movie has “almost nothing to do with” the 1984 one directed by Fritz Kiersch, explaining that they “went back to the story and free-associated from there.” Exactly how little of a connection to the original source material is unknown, as while the producers have revealed the previously undisclosed starring young actors – Elena Kampouris from Before I Fall and Kate Moyer from When Hope Calls (accompanied by Bruce Spence from The Return of the King and Australian talent Callan Mulvey from Captain America: The Winter Soldier) – it’s currently unknown which characters they will be playing.


So whether we’ll be seeing the return of 9-year-old cult leader Isaac Chroner or his 18-year-old subordinate Malachi is something we have yet to know, as it’s entirely possible that we’ll be introduced to an whole new cast of characters, similarly to the Snowpiercer TV show that debuted on TNT earlier this year. 


Isaac Chroner from the 1984 film adaptation | Image via Looper


This yet-to-be-titled prequel was somehow able to finish production amidst the current coronavirus. Originally shot in New South Wales at the beginning of March, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced productions to shut down all across the world, the producers say they consulted with local body Screen NSW, which was a major investor in the pic, and decided to progress – with safety measures, of course. 

Collaborating with Safe Work NSW and film safety expert Jon Heaney, they drew up a reconfigured shoot schedule and methodology that implemented health and safety measures for the entire production. As they were already on set together, the full cast and crew were able to enter a joint isolation to restrict the potential for virus spread. The producers didn’t specify if they conducted any coronavirus testing on set or what exact measures were in place to avoid transmission , but they do say no one got sick and the shoot was successfully wrapped. Producer Lucas Foster said:

“We’re thrilled to be able to announce the completion of principal photography with Elena, Kate, Callan and Bruce who lead our cast on this reimagining of Stephen King’s timeless short story,” said producer Lucas Foster. “We’d like to thank our cast and crew for their unrivalled professionalism, banding together to work to bring this movie to life. It was incredibly important to us to us to keep our production alive and to keep people employed and productive for as long as we could do so safely, during this crisis. We accomplished that – no one got sick and we all figured out how to work together as a team to do our jobs while keeping our cast, crew and workplace, safe and secure. We’d also like to thank Screen NSW, Safe Work NSW and all those vendors and suppliers who worked with us as valuable partners during the shoot to ensure the health and safety of our cast and crew was protected.”

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of the original story, it follows physician Burt Stanton and his girlfriend Vicky as they drive through the Midwest to vacation with Vicky’s brother in California. Their trip comes to a sudden halt when they come across the body of a murdered boy in the road, and in an effort to contact the authorities, wander into the nearest town of Gatlin, Nebraska, which they soon discover is populated by a cult made up entirely of children, who slaughtered their parents and sacrificed them to He Who Walks Beyond The Rows, a malevolent god that lives in the cornfield. I’m personally pretty excited to see the origin of He Who Walks Beyond The Rows, and how he made himself known to the children of Gatlin.

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