New Bookstore Features Celebrity Recommendations

The recently opened Narrowsburg, New York bookstore, One Grand, joins the ranks of emerging independent bookstores.  However, One Grand’s owner and founder, Aaron Hicklin, has taken a unique approach by having the store’s selection of books be curated by well-known celebrities.  This concept was inspired by an age-old question: If you were stranded on a desert island, which ten book would you take?

This is the question Hicklin is posing to celebrities such as Tilda Swinton, Lena Dunham, John Waters, and Mary-Louise Parker. Their lists will determine which books are offered in the store.  By doing this, Hicklin hopes to make book-buying a more personal experience. Not only will each of the choices be on One Grand’s shelves, but there will also be a brief description explaining why the book was chosen.

In terms of the selection process, Hicklin explains to The New York Times that he approaches people he thinks are very good at their craft.  “They’re not celebrities so much as celebrated individuals who do what they do excellently. The books are a reflection of their development and their evolution. But they’re also just great recommendations.” 

The books selected will be on One Grand’s shelves for two weeks at a time before a new list’s books replace them, thereby keeping the selection ever-changing and fresh.  Their website will also feature a weekly list, and a podcast, “Desert Island Books,” is currently in the works.


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