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New Book Takes In Depth Take On Lauryn Hill’s ‘Miseducation’ 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, Lauryn Hill released her first and only full-length solo studio album which shot her up into the limelight. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is often referred to as one of the best hip-hop albums to ever exist, and its easily relatable yet complex and beautiful themes helped the album furthermore become a staple for the genre as a whole.


However, that was two decades ago. During that time, the star and icon’s life changed drastically with numerous legal and ethical problems that would baffle fans. In her new book on Hill and her legacy, Joan Morgan takes an extensive look at each song on Hill’s seminal album, her life after the release up until the present, as well as the artist’s impact on the hip-hop and black community.




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Morgan’s new book, She Begat This: 20 Years of ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’is not a gushy fan’s telling of every song of the album. Instead, she does more than just go over Hill’s only album. As Lauryn Hill has led such a turbulent career over the past two decades, Morgan does her best to show Hill’s good side and her important impacts on feminism and the post-civil rights movement but is unafraid to also show that the artist had her own skeletons in her closet.


Morgan explains that adoring something or someone naturally comes with some sorts of complications and mixed feelings. She is not giving Ms. Hill any passes, but instead writes honestly about how much of an important woman Lauryn Hill really is: the good and the bad. 




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If you haven’t listened to any of Lauryn Hill’s songs, you are definitely missing out. Her music is encouraging, empowering, and just so damn good! Joan Morgan’s book is available now. I highly recommend this as a read for any of her fans out there; it will give you a different perspective that you can still relate to.



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