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New Book Proves Ruth Bader Ginsberg Is Fitter Than You


After a distinguished career as a legal scholar, Supreme Court justice, and internet meme sensation, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is moving on to the next inevitable marker of her unbeatable celebrity star power: a workout book.


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The 83-year-old liberal icon first started working out with a personal trainer in 1999 as a way of regaining strength after surviving colon cancer; she now works out twice a week with D.C. court staffer and trainer Bryant Johnson. She toughs out an exercise regimen that includes bench press, leg curls, squats, push-ups, planks, and medicine ball throws.



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The book, the RBG Workout, features Johnson’s exercises and Patrick Welsh’s illustrations of Ginsberg breaking a sweat in judicial robes and Richard Simmons-esque pink sneakers and purple tights.


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It is easy to poke fun at a book like the RBG Workout, especially in light of fluff like the Notorious RBG and its many copycat products. But it cannot be denied that as the oldest justice on the court, Ginsberg is fitter and fierier than ever. Laugh all you want, but you don’t get to 83 and the highest court in the land by being lazy.



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