New App Revolutionizes Bedtime Stories

Two Seattle entrepreneurs are en route to revolutionizing the way parents read to their kids. Just this week, Kyle Kesterson and David Wykes launched Campfire, a brand new app that turns reading into an immersive, three dimensional experience, through sound and light.

The app is impressive in pretty much every way. For starters, it uses something called IBM watson’s speech recognition. When sitting down to read with their child, parents will turn on the app. Upon hearing the parents’ voice, the app will immediately pick up on where you left off in the story. In short, the Campfire serves two main functions: through the phone’s speaker, or through a Bluetooth speaker, the app will emit sounds to match the events and setting of the story. If they want, users can also pair their phones with a Smart-bulb or Amazon Echo, to create a dazzling light show. Having a hard time picturing it? Check out this demonstration video! 


The app was developed through a startup called, Freak’n Genius, located in Seattle. Co-creator Kyle Kesterson has very high hopes for the project and thinks it will open the gates for many similar products. “Expect this combination to be a very heated space in the coming year, Campfire is excited to be at the forefront of it.”

The two techies are currently working on getting as many titles for the app as possible. They have also included a feature that allows users to create and publish their own unique reading experiences. All this, for a small subscription fee. 

What are your thoughts on the app? Does it stray to far from the traditional reading experience, or is does it add a layer of immersion? Let us know!


Featured image courtesy of Campfire