New App Helps You Find New Books, Every Day

Are you constantly opening new tabs? I currently have 13 tabs open, most of them unrelated to what I’m working on. We open tabs then forget what website we were about to go on. It’s a common occurrence in the life of technology users. We’re persistent tab openers! Now, there is a new app that will use your constant clicking to help you learn something new. 


Kip yes

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Upon opening a new tab, 100 Million Books will recommend a new book for you to read accompanied by a poignant quote from the work. The list of 100 million Books ranges every genre. It does not use algorithms to figure out which book would best suit you based on past searches, but rather exposes the user to books they may have never known about if not for the app. 

Creator Steve Jain states that the intention behind the app was to “help open minds by promoting a diverse array of ideas. It might help people realize the sheer breadth of smart ideas, emotional stories, and insightful perspectives out there they don’t know. It might help them acknowledge that there are millions more they won’t ever know.”


Here’s what it will look like when you open a new tab:

100 million books looks like

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Jain’s app may slow down our constant tabbing by calming us down for a second to read a quote and think about a new book. Even if it is not a cure-all for our constant new tab opening, it will at least use our annoying habit to find new books. 


No longer will we look like this behind the computer: 

cat typing

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