Netflix’s You will be back with a Season 3!

Everyone’s favorite stalker is coming back for a third season! Netflix‘s hit series You, based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, has been a staple for Netflix since it launched on the streaming service in December of 2018. The show was originally on Lifetime, but Netflix ended up picking up the series due to how well it was received by viewers.

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If you have never seen the show or read the book, then you don’t know that the series follows a young man, named Joe. Joe, who is played by Penn Badgley becomes obsessed with a girl who walks into his bookstore named, Beck. He starts to follow her around, steal her phone, and just do everything he can to get close to her, he even does criminal things, like murder and kidnapping. So, this show is pretty intense, but also really entertaining and a must-watch. The second season, which became streaming on December 26, is based on Kepnes’ second novel, Hidden BodiesSeason two featured a new character, Love, who is played by Victoria Pedretti and she will also be returning for season three, along with Badgley of course.



The show has been well received by critics and fans. It currently holds a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Books three and four are currently in the works with Kepnes, so we can expect a season 3 release date for 2021. Yes, that’s way too long, considering the way season 2 ended. No spoilers! Just go watch!

You can stream the first two seasons in the meantime, right here.



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