Netflix’s ‘You’ Season 3 Has Two New Characters

You, season three, will be here soon! The first season of You premiered on Lifetime in the fall of 2018. Then, in December of the same year it started streaming on Netflix and the rest is history. Netflix swooped in and bought the series from Lifetime and it’s been a hit series for the service. Season two premiered December 26, 2019 and it introduced some new characters.


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You is based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, and it is about a bookstore employee named Joe. One day a young woman named Beck walks into the store and Joe becomes infatuated with her to the point of stalking her. The two begin to date and Joe makes sure all negative influences from Beck’s life are literally eliminated, including Beck herself. Then in season two, Beck moves from New York to LA where he meets his new love interest, Love, and her brother, Forty. Also, he befriends his teenager neighbor, Ellie, and her older sister, Delilah. A lot happens in season two; more murders and stalking, and Love turns out to be the female embodiment of Joe. Match made in heaven right? Well season 2 ended with the couple expecting a baby. That should be fun for these two psychopaths right?
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Now, with season three in the works, there are two new characters coming to shake up Joe and Love’s world. Sherry, played by Shalita Grant, is a mom influencer who pretends to be easy going but is a real “mean girl” and only pretends to accept Love into her inner circle. The other new character, Cary, will be played by Travis VanWinkle who is very wealthy and takes Joe into his inner circle. Seems like a lot of inner circle drama in this new season. I can only imagine how Love and Joe will handle these people. Seriously, I can only imagine.
No premiere date has been set for the new season but in the meantime you can stream the first two seasons right here.
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