Netflix’s Live Action ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Series Finds Its Cast

One of the most celebrated anime of all time is moving forward with a live action remake.


Netflix’s version of Cowboy Bebop has found its lead cast. John Cho (Star Trek Beyond) will lead the series and will star alongside Mustafa Shakir (Luke Cage), Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and Alex Hassell (Suburbicon).


Image Via Variety


The anime takes place in a futuristic society where the Earth is uninhabitable and humanity takes refuge on different planets in the solar system. An interplanetary police force is established, and bounty hunters referred to as “Cowboys” are hired to catch criminals around the galaxy. Cho will play Spike Spiegel, a cowboy who leads a team of bounty hunters on the spaceship Bebop.


Image Via Anime Planet


First announced in 2017, this is the first news that we have received about the live action version since it was announced. Even though the project doesn’t go into production for a while, the cast alone has us excited.



Featured Image Via Collider