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Netflix to Adapt Rushdie’s ‘Midnight’s Children’ as a Series

According to Netflix is set to adapt Salman Rushdie’s praised novel Midnight’s Children into a TV series, Variety reports.  


Rushdie’s 1981 novel centers on the life Saleem Sinai, who has had magical powers since he was born at exactly midnight on August 15, 1947, during the time of India’s independence. His every act impacts and amplifies the fate of India’s national affairs; his life is permanently connected to the people and history of the nation. He is also telepathically linked to a 1,000 children who were all born at midnight and possess magical abilities.


“The narrative continues to fascinate audiences decades after it was first published,” Erin Barmack, , Netflix’s vice president of international originals, states. “We are incredibly excited to translate the pioneering work of fiction that parallels the birth of modern India, for a global audience.” 


Erin Barmack believes Midnight’s Children is one of the world’s greatest novels, and feels that the book’s themes are still relevant today.  Barmack adds that the rich experience and talent of Indian creators mixed with the global outreach of Netflix have the potential of more people around the world to rediscover this story.


The novel itself has won many awards such as the Man Booker Prize, and  the James Tait Memorial Prize. Rushdie who is represented with UTA stated how he is absolutely delighted that the novel will have a new life on Netflix and is greatly looking forward to working with Netflix to help create it. 


According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is believed that Netflix has been focused on expanding internationally and hopes that this adaption will open up the Indian market. The streaming service feels that India’s population of 1.3 billion residents and 300 million smartphone users as a wonderful opportunity for global expansion.



A release date for Midnight’s Children is yet to be confirmed. 




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