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Netflix Sparks Outrage With ‘The Notebook’ Alternate Ending

Alternate endings are a touchy subject. Regarding the distinctly different film Blade Runner, fans have debated which of the cult classic’s seven iterations rank the best for decades. How I Met Your Mother left fans with extremely mixed feelings after its series finale, but the alternate ending implies that Ted and Tracy live a full life together.

Digital Spy reports that the latest alternate ending uproar revolves around The Notebook, the tearjerker adaptation of Nicholas Sparks‘ equally tearjerking romance novel of the same name. Netflix UK added the romance classic to its rotation of films but released a version that drastically changed its ending. Longtime fans were heartbroken.



The Nicholas Sparks classic follows modern star-crossed lovers Noah and Allie, who fall in love in the 1940s, break up, and eventually find their way back to each other after resolving all sorts of issues ranging from health to family.


the notebook

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The film originally ends with the two of them passing away in old age. The alternate ending replaces the final shot of them at peace with a more ambiguous one of birds flying over a lake.

Netflix issued a public twitter acknowledgement of its misstep and returned the original version to the streaming service.


It’s a safe bet that Netflix won’t be releasing the alternate ending version of The Notebook in the US on March 1.




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