Stranger Things Bar

Netflix Sends ‘Stranger Things’ Bar Back to the Upside Down With Hilarious Cease and Desist Letter

A little over a month ago, a Stranger Things pop-up bar called The Upside Down opened in Chicago’s Logan Square. Complete with waffles, Christmas lights, and the Byers family couch, The Upside Down has become hugely popular with both fans of the show and fans of alcohol. Within a week of its opening, it came to light that the unsanctioned bar didn’t reach out to Netflix for approval, as seen in the cease-and-desist letter from the network.


Netflix Cease and Desist to The Upside Down

Image Via Scribd


It’s safe to say Netflix’s legal team “gets it”: their creative and very polite cease-and-desist letter expertly toed the line between maintaining the brand’s credibility and trademarks without alienating the fanbase that loves the content so much that they created a bar based on the universe. 


The cease-and-desist may have limited the pop-up’s run to a mere 6 weeks but it hasn’t limited the publicity the bar’s received, if anything it’s only given the bar more exposure.


The Upside Down’s Stranger Things theme isn’t limited to its decor, with cocktails like “Eleven’s Eggo’s”, which tastes like maple syrup and garnished with a waffle wedge, and the “Demogorgun”, a rum drink with blood orange and lime. On tap is Goose Island’s GI5-5538, a red ale brewed for Survive, the band that performs the opening theme of the show, and the speakers play New Wave synth and other 80’s favorites. This Friday, September 29th will mark the end of the bar’s 6 week run, so if you’re in Chicago and haven’t been yet, now’s the time.


Featured image via Marc Much, Chicago Eater.