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Netflix Scores New ‘Frankenstein’ Adaptation Starring GOT’s Ned Stark

The Frankenstein Chronicles has already begun airing in the UK, with fans clamoring for confirmation of a third series, and Netflix have just scored the US distribution rights for the Sean Bean-led adaptation. 


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While Mary Shelley’s monster has inspired endless takes and twists on the classic story, The Frankenstein Chronicles is different. The tale begins with Sean Bean’s detective inspector discovering a child’s body. It transpires, however, that it is not a complete child. It is, in fact, a person made up of various different body parts. Bean’s character takes on the task of discovering what went down. 


While the show has aired on the UK’s ITV channel, once it hits Netflix, it will be billed as a Netflix original. Netflix will also be in a position to fund future seasons. Fans, rejoice!



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