Netflix Releases the Trailer for Their New Adaptation ‘Polar’

For all you comic fans out there, Netflix released a brand new trailer for its latest film Polar, an adaptation of the webcomic of the same name by Spanish cartoonist Victor Santos!


The film stars Mads Mikkelsen as Black Kaiser, an international assassin who is forced into retirement by his employer after a kill attempt is made on his life. He finds himself thrust back in the game when a gang of younger, more ruthless killers kidnap his friend and try to kill him for good. The film also stars Vanessa Hudgens and Katheryn Winnick.


Polar, the web comic, is unique in that it uses a very minimalistic art style of only black, white, and orange, as well as having no dialogue or speech bubbles to tell the story. On the comic’s website, Santos said that he chose this style in order to avoid making an English translation.


“No words, simple to draw, simple to see, simple to understand. Following that spirit, there are not limitations of language or country.”


The film is set to be released on January 25th. Check out the awesome trailer here:



Featured Image Via Zona Negativa