Netflix Releases First Footage of Henry Cavill as ‘The Witcher’

Netflix has been teasing fans of The Witcher for months now. Ever since it was announced that the series was being adapted, more and more news has been released every week, with most of it being rumors and speculation. However, since the role of our main protagonist, Geralt, is being played by Superman star Henry Cavill, fans have been dying to see him in full costume. Now, Netflix has finally released our first real glimpse of our hero!





Cavill looks amazing! The amount of detail to the concept of the character is applied heavily and the actor is able to give us that sharp look; that wolf-like face that everyone knows can only belong to a true Witcher.


However, personally, I have noticed two minor things that strike me as just a little odd. First off, I feel like Cavill needs some more stubble on his face; at a quick glance and even when you look at his face long enough in the teaser, he looks pretty clean shaven. And besides that, is it just me, or are those eyebrows just a tinge too bushy and dark?




Image via Den of Geek



These are the only two things that I personally question, but the overall tone of Cavill’s depiction is dead on. He gives a great performance without speaking or changing the look on his face. And when he casually takes a sip out of whatever that bottle may contain, it cements the role as him as a calm, cool, and deep character that can pierce through your soul with a simple glance.


What do you guys think? Do you love it, or do you have some slight issues with Cavill’s first teaser? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to keep checking back here at Bookstr for more news on this highly anticipated adaptation!



Featured Image via Screen Rant