The Letter for the King

Netflix Orders Adaptation of Dutch Classic ‘The Letter For The King’

Do you like medieval folklores? Here’s an upcoming series-The Letter for the King-which is about a teenage boy and his medieval adventure! The story is based on Dutch writer Tonke Dragt’s De brief voor de Koning or The Letter for the King. The classic novel was originally published in 1962 and has been translated into 25 languages; it was also chosen as the best Dutch youth book of the latter half of the twentieth century.


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The story pivots around a sixteen-year-old Tiuri’s adventure in a fictional medieval world. As a squire, Tiuri spends most of his time contemplating in a chapel. The goal for this long and boring training is to help him gain the spirit of knighthood one day. One day he hears a knock at the door and a voice asking for help, mysteriously and desperately. Since then, Tuiri’s life is shifted toward a direction that he has never thought about-A secret letter is in Tiuri’s hands and must be delivered to King Unauwen across the Great Mountains. It’s not a regular letter but a fate-maker that can change the whole fate of the entire kingdom. Carrying this task, Tuiri must hide his true identity and trust no one during the journey. Most importantly, the letter should not be seen by anyone.



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According to Deadline, this is Netflix’s first adaptation of a Dutch book and though the original story was published in Dutch (and eventually translated into over 25 languages), the adaptation will be in English.  It will be adapted by Will Davies (How To Train Your Dragon, Puss In Boots) and produced by Dutch producer Paul Trijbits (Saving Mr Banks, The Casual Vacancy). 

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