Netflix Has Cancelled ‘Daredevil’ and I am Heartbroken

The comic book world is breaking my heart these days. I google news about the Avengers 4 trailer at least four times a day to find nothing. Comics are pricey (I need a life, I know), and now Netflix has cancelled another Marvel show.


And now, after three seasons Netflix has cancelled Daredevil. Deadline reported last night that the epic series that launched Marvel’s streaming universe would not be returning despite being so well received.


Daredevil Season 2 Poster

Image via Netflix


Showrunner Erik Oleson even pitched his season four plans to Netflix just last week, and the writing team already started mapping out the next chapter of the iconic superhero’s journey. Writer Sam Ernst shared his disappointment on Twitter while confirming how far along they were.



Daredevil is the latest Marvel series to get cancelled after Luke Cage and Iron Fist got the axe last month. However, Daredevil supposedly has future projects in store according to Marvel. Hopefully this means that the show will be moved onto the streaming service that Disney will release in 2019.


While news of the cancellation is a huge disappointment, the series did end on a triumphant note. Matt Murdock overcame his greatest personal challenges. He defeated his nemesis Wilson Fisk. And he inspired fans with showing the possibilities of being a “Man without Fear.”




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