Netflix Announces Star-Studded Cast for ‘Green Eggs and Ham’

Earlier this year Netflix announced they would be releasing a show based on the classic work by Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham.


Green Eggs and Ham
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Now, the star-studded cast list has been released, and fans of the book can start to shape their expectations.



As it would be difficult to stretch such a short book into the 13 episode season that Netflix is releasing, several new characters have been written into the show alongside Seuss’ original Sam and (the now named) Guy.


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Green Eggs and Ham‘s cast is as follows:

Sam is played by comedian Adam DeVine.

Guy is voiced by the legendary actor Michael Douglas.

Ilana Glazer plays EB, a young girl looking to keep wild animals as pet.

Diane Keaton plays Michellee, EB’s protective mom.

Keegan-Michael Key acts as the story’s narrator



Eddie Izzard plays Snerz, a villain with a passion for collecting rare, and illegal creatures

Jeffrey Wright voices McWinkle, a bad guy a day away from retirement.

Jillian Bell plays Gluntz, a bad guy starting her first day of evil doing.

John Turturro acts as Goat, a (believe it or not) goat with evil intentions.

Tracy Morgan voices Fox, a fox who has fallen in love with a green-egg-laying chicken.

Daveed Diggs plays Mouse, a cheese eating, bourgeoisie-hating, rodent.


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The series is being produced by Ellen Degeneres, and Entertainment Weekly reported that production took four years to complete, due the hand-drawn animation style.



Netflix’s interpretation of Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham will be available to watch on November 8th!

Meanwhile, you can watch the OG version….




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