Nerd out with Atwood’s Graphic Novel

Who knew so much excitement could be stirred by so few words? Atwood, graphic novel, Angel Catbird, coming soon! Before our brains could even rationalize the string of words into meaning the world was falling over itself in anticipation of Margaret Atwood’s first graphic novel, Angel Catbird. Atwood’s inaugural step into the comic world has been positively regarded, and met with endless musings as to what the author may have in store. Now finally, Buzzfeed has given us a glance at her superhero thriller.



The story begins with an accident. A man runs out of his house after his mouse-crazed cat. Little does the pair know, the mouse is actually a lure to draw them out into the street. For undisclosed reasons, the man and his cat are hit by a car, sending them  – and a bird hovering above – onto the ground.

The man regains consciousness to find his life has changed drastically.


Wounds and confusion shaken off, we meet our hero: part man, part, cat, part bird and equipped with the power of all three combined. Like any good superhero he has awesome powers and an itch to fight crime.


Atwood has been sketching comics since the 70’s and eager to step into the new literary landscape for sometime now, but a large motivation for the book comes from her involvement with two Nature Canada projects, Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives. In addition to giving Atwood fans new content to fawn over and graphic novels greater exposure, the novel will also be for a good cause. For the project, Atwood joins illustrator Jonnie Christmas to pair piercing writing with stunning visuals. 

Angel Catbird will hit bookstores and comic shops this September. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for more previews and updates!


Images courtesy of Buzzfeed. Featured image courtesy of The Verge.