Author Neil Gaiman stands with the cover of his book American Gods

Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” Comes to TV

Starz is turning Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novel, American Gods, into a TV series. The haunting story follows protagonist Shadow as he learns that his wife has been killed in an accident. All Shadow wanted was a simple life, but on the way to the funeral a man called Mr. Wednesday brings up Shadow’s dark past and offers him a warning.


This isn’t the first time Gaiman’s books, which are known for their grim quirkiness, have been adapted. Gaiman’s eerie children’s novel, Coraline, became a movie back in 2009–boasting high audience and critic reviews. It was a success that proved directors could interpret Gaiman’s stories into other mediums. However, as with any book adaptation, fans are concerned about the faithfulness of the book to the show. Starz CEO Chris Albrecht promises that Gaiman fans shouldn’t be worried.


“We hope to create a series that honors the book and does right by the fans, who have been casting it in their minds for years,” Albrecht said.


The producers are still searching for the lead role of Shadow Moon, and don’t plan to begin production until they fill it.


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