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Neil Gaiman to Produce Much Anticipated Fantasy Adaptation ‘Gormenghast’

Mervyn Peake’s highly acclaimed 1960’s fantasy series, Gormenghast, is slated to be produced by American Gods author Neil Gaiman and Akiva Goldsman for FremantleMedia. This newest adaptation will be the first since the BBC’s adaptation of the first two books, Titus Groan and Gormenghast, in 2000. 


Jonathan Rhys Myers in BBC's 2000 adaptation | Via BBC

Jonathan Rhys Myers in BBC’s 2000 adaptation | Via BBC


Unlike BBC’s adaptation, Gaiman’s adaptation will not only include the first three novels in the Gormenghast series, but will also include Peake’s novella in the series Boy in Darkness


The series will follow the residents of Castle Gormennghast – a city-state like society living within the walls of a crumbling gothic castle. No casting decisions have been made yet, but the series is set to follow characters like Titus, heir to the throne, Steerpike, a crafty kitchen boy, and two twin sisters, Clarice and Cora. 


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