Neil Gaiman Revisits ‘Norse Mythology’

News flash: you don’t like mythology as much as Neil Gaiman. It simply cannot be done: his 2001 novel American Gods is directly about deities gallivanting around on Earth, and Stardust and The Sandman have allusions to fantastical fairy peppered throughout them. He’s the guy you want at bar trivia night when a question over which god caused which misfortune on humanity.

Now Gaiman, apparently on a hot streak after The View from the Cheap Seats, is once again flexing his non-fiction muscles in a new book on Norse mythology. The “almost novelistic retelling of famous myths”, titled – get this – Norse Mythology, will play all the hits we know and love. There will be Thor, Odin, Loki and more facing “a frightening doomsday scenario, Ragnarok, where the gods fight a fire giant with a flaming sword in an apocalyptic, world-ending battle,” The New York Times reports. Yeah, and it’s still non-fiction.

Norse Mythology is set to come down from the heavens (W.W. Norton) in February 2017. If you can’t wait that long…we can’t help you, per se, but you can use that enthusiasm to pre-order it right now.


Featured image courtesy of BBC.