Need Help Choosing Your Next Read? Here’s Some Ideas To Try Out

Every reader knows the harrowing, anxiety-ridden, and time-consuming process of choosing their next read. As a bookworm myself, I have stacks (and I mean stacks) of books that I can’t wait to read. Some people may call it hoarding, but I simply call it collecting worthy books. So yes, there is no shortage of books to read, yet selecting a single book among hundreds can be really freakin’ difficult. 


Luckily for me and other struggling readers out there, Reddit users are offering their effective methods of choosing the next book to open. 


Reddit user GunsmokeG took to the popular discussion site to ask fellow readers what sort of methods they use to choose their next book. Their curious, hilarious, and downright weird answers will not only give you plenty of methods to try out, but will leave you asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”







1. The List Method


2. The Library Method


3. The Stare-Crisis-Hurry-and-Choose Method


4. The Randomized Titles in Jar Method


5. The Recommendation Method


6. The Organization Method


7. The Effin Weird and Intensely Wonderful Method


8. The Mathematical Method


9. The Spaghetti Method


10. The Disorganized Organized Method


11. The Reference Method


12. The Mind-Sight Method


Featured Image Via Kristarz/Wordpress