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Need A Career? Have No Fear! These 8 Jobs Are Perfect For Bookworms!

If you’re a lover of all things books and are searching for a way to infuse your passion with a satisfying career, then look no further! Here are 8 incredible career avenues that will offer bookworms the chance to get through the whole adulting process with a career they can truly enjoy.


1. Author




Becoming an author is the biggest dreams of any writer. The great news is, in today’s digital world today there are so many avenues aspiring writers can take. In addition to the traditional method of publishing through a publisher, you can self-publish stories for free online through websites like Wattpad and FictionPress. In fact, many popular stories such as Chasing Red and Fifty Shades of Grey, have begun as stories published online. While many authors start off with side jobs to earn incomes, the possibilities that exist for writers are endless!


2. Librarian




For so many bookworms, libraries represent happy zones where a love of literature and quiet cozy spaces come together. Becoming a librarian is one of the perfect career options for bookworms. You can share your knowledge and appreciation of different authors, genres, and more with other readers. You can also go about your days surrounded by the calming aura of books. What could be better!


3. Editor




Editors read other people’s work and find ways to improve, simplify, and communicate their ideas in more efficient ways. If you love to read and are super critical (don’t lie to yourself, you know you are), then this would be perfect!


4. Blogger




Blogging is perfect for book lovers because you can reflect your knowledge of particular genres, subjects, and…well anything you want through your writing. Don’t believe me? Then check out this Jane Austen blog. Yes, it’s a blog completely centered around Jane Austen. While earning a living by blogging may not be the easiest route (many writers may still need an additional job to earn an income), there are some definite liberties attached. 


5. Professional Writer




Love writing but don’t have a knack for fiction or poetry? No problem! You can still pursue your love of writing and display your skills through over avenues. You can become a journalist, freelance writer, critic, technical writer, and so much more. Professional writers are vital to companies everywhere because of their research and communication skills. As long as you can communicate vital ideas, messages, and more to audiences, becoming a professional writer is for you.



6. Publisher



Publishing is perfect for readers who love to analyze stories (and are damn good at it). If you have an eye for good writing and are familiar with the writing process, then publishing may just be it. Responsibilities include reading, analyzing, and editing manuscripts and helping publishing companies decide which stories get published. Publishing jobs aren’t necessarily the easiest jobs to come by, but they are certainly fulfilling and allow bookworms the opportunity to have a role in getting books into the hands of readers who would appreciate them.


7. Bookstore Owner



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If you have a shared love of books and business, then becoming a bookstore owner is perfect! You could help bring literature into the hands of readers everywhere. You can both spread literary interest and offer support to authors. For bookworms who aren’t really interested in writing, this is a great alternative to transform your love of books into a career!


8. Professor



Oxford College Campus


Professors have the ability to read as part of their career and share their favorite books with their students. Professors play a large role in communicating the core themes, ideas, and meanings in literary texts with students. If you love discussing particular books for hours on end, then this career is perfect. 


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