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NBC Series Is Making Nancy Drew a Grown Up, Which Is Weird But…Cool?

NBC is developing Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew books into a new series with a strange twist. Creators Tony Phelan and Joan Rater (Doubt) will have Nancy as the writer of her own famed novels which were loosely based on her experiences as a young girl. Though she had been joined by two friends on her mysteries, Nancy made them her sidekicks in her now-famous books. As an adult embroiled in a new murder mystery, Nancy must seek out her old friends to solve the case, but they’re not too happy about being put on the sidelines.


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It’s a new take, but Phelan and Rater originally shot a pilot for CBS last year, which CBS passed on. The duo rewrote and pitched it to NBC, which has panned out. It’s a new spin on a classic character, like Sherlock or Clueless. But isn’t Nancy Drew being a little girl part of the fun? It may even be the main source of fun.


The age difference, at least, seems to be the point of the new series. Rater said that their age “we think is their superpower;  no one notices them when they walk in. It’s a way for them to fly under the radar. They talk about how they feel unseen.” At least they have a vision for the age difference instead of just making it Nancy Drew: All Grown Up! Maybe it’ll be fine. If it weren’t specifically about Nancy Drew, the age wouldn’t be so alarming. The premise sounds pretty interesting, actually.


For years it’s felt we’ve been inundated by Hollywood adaptations of classic books, but at least this one seems inspired. Phelan and Rater have solid writing cred, so there’s that too. Anyway, Nancy Drew fans, keep your hopes up!


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