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How To Read When It’s Not For an A

People are introduced to books in so many ways, usually in some kind of academic setting. But what about after you’ve finished school? For a lot of people, reading feels like something you have to do, but reading can be easily turned into something that you want to do. If you’re trying to transition into reading for pleasure, you have to do a bit of exploring.



Start with genres.  Do you like horror or maybe romance? By narrowing down what you’re actually interested in, you should be able to find what you like relatively fast. If you’re just starting your reading journey, think about the types of movies you enjoy watching. Books in the same genre can be equally as exciting. A great place to scope out what you like is your local public library. It’s the perfect place to test the literary waters without consequence. (Just remember to return your books on time!)


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If a specific genre feels like it’s too narrow a hall for you, try themes. Yes, I mean themes in the daunting literary sense. But remember, it isn’t as scary as it looks. There’s no essay on it this time. Themes are just large plot points in the story, the sun of the book’s solar system. Some people like coming of age stories; some people prefer a redemption story. If there’s a specific trope or thematic element that you enjoy, find books that emulate that theme.



By looking over these two things, you can easily jump into reading as a hobby, not a chore. And don’t forget that you’re not bound to a specific genre or theme; people evolve as they read, and your tastes may change. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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