Natives and Newcomers Come Together for a Star-Studded Event

On November 23rd, in a Canadian town called Saskatoon, a half-literary, half-music event called the New Constellations tour will kick off and head to thirteen cities and first-nation communities including Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. Saskatoon is the largest city in the Canadian Province of Saskatchawan, home to 4 in 10 indigenous peoples.


New Constellations Tour

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New Constellations is the name given to this music and arts tour which is set to give its attendees “an experience they haven’t yet seen before.” What you will see is live music acts, spoken word sessions, as well as mentorship workshops which will bring together both indigenous and non-indigenous artists and organizers. All acts will be geared toward representing and mentoring the indigenous youth and as Jarret Martineau, one of the tour organisers has said, “Indigenous and non-indigenous artists rarely perform or create together, so this is an amazing opportunity to see what happens when they do.” 


Martineau is also the co-founder of contemporary indigenous record label RPM records, who has recently joined forces to plan the tour with The Basement Revue, a live event series that combines artists from different disciplines. Such artists who will be touring include Mob Bounce, A Tribe Called Red, Feist, and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson.



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Mob Bounce is a hip-hop duo who formed back in 2010 and consists of rappers Craig Edes and and Travis Hebert. They say, “We’re really trying to be available to the next generation. I believe it all starts from connecting with the young people and being here for them when certain aspects of their creativity may be missing.” Mob Bounce will be both performing and mentoring indigenous youth who are interested in learning how to make and get their music out there, while on tour. Mob Bounce is set to release their first full LP in 2018. You can listen to the duo here on Soundcloud.


Mob Bounce

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Leanne Betasamosake Simpson will also be in attendance and will be hosting writing skills workshops with specific focus on poetry. She says, “The gift of reciprocity is something I plan on sharing with indigenous youth while on tour.” Leanne Betasamosake is a writer and a musician who is grateful to have had indigenous writers mentor her throughout her career. She is trying to give back to the community who helped and inspired her to form her band, f(l)ight, who released their first album last year. You can listen right here!



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Feature Photo by Matt Thomason Via Unsplash