National Read A Book Day!

September 6th is National Read A Book Day! If you haven’t had a moment to pick up that book you’ve been neglecting, or get started on the other one on your shelf, today is the day. 

Some of us may be caught up in the synchronicity of every day life. We’ve had a hectic weekend and now we’re back to working hard. We know there’s nothing better than to sit down with a good book and escape for a little bit, so when you get the chance, pick one up!

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According to a yearly study by Pew Research Center, “Americans read an average (mean) of 12 books per year” and while ebooks and ereaders are becoming more popular, Americans on average, still reach for an actual book. 

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No matter how you read, where you read, or when you do it, today is the day to make a little time for that book in your life.



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