National Book Foundation to Launch After-School Book Club for LGBTQ Youth

The National Book Foundation continues to create amazing ways to engage readers and expand literary love. The foundation has announced the launch of their first BookUp LGBTQ site at the Hetrick-Martin Institute, “an after-school center that creates a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ youth, many of whom are homeless or otherwise at risk.” BookUp LGBTQ will provide a reading list curated by LGBTQ authors such as Megan Kruse and Naomi Jackson, with a focus on the history and contributions of LGBTQ authors. New York City teacher and Cave Canem Fellow, T’ai Freedom Ford, will teach and provide activities for the readers involved in BookUp LGBTQ, such as field trips to queer bookstores and historic sites in NYC.  

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The National Book Foundation initially launched BookUp to help foster a love and appreciation of reading in students outside of the classroom, and to engage students from under served communities with more relatable literature. BookUp has freely distributed tens of thousands of books to students at their programs in New York, Texas, and Detroit.

In a press release, the Program Manager at the National Book Foundation Amy Gall stated: “Books give us our humanity and tell us we are not alone…BookUp LGBTQ creates a space where LGBTQ youth can see themselves as part of a dynamic community with a rich past and limitless future. We want to empower them to become the new generation of world changing readers and writers.” BookUP LGBTQ is partnering with Lambda Literary.

The National Book Foundation recently announced submissions are open for its Innovations in Reading Prize, with applications due February 29th.


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