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Nancy Drew Television Series Debuts First Trailer

The Nancy Drew franchise has been around for a long time and is beloved by many. Several adaptation of the franchise have been produced, and another is on its way courtesy of The CW.

Debuting in the fall as part of the new 2019-2020 television season, the new Nancy Drew series will take a more modern approach to the source material. The title character will be depicted as a waitress and high-school graduate who gets sucked into a murder mystery and recruits her friends to help solve the case. Newcomer Kennedy McMann stars as Nancy.

The series will air on Wednesdays after Riverdale. Stylistically, the two shows due share a lot of similarities: Both are dark, youth-oriented reboots of classic children’s characters, which should fit right in amongst the other CW shows.


You can watch the full trailer here:



Are you excited for the new Nancy Drew show?



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