Nabu of Andros’ Bumble Profile: He’ll Forever Be Yours

Welcome to our first ever anti-literary f*ck boy profile! Its the month of love we will explore characters we wouldn’t be ashamed to bring home. First up, Nabu!

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Welcome to our first ever literary anti- f*ck boy profile! We thought that since its February, the month of love, we should explore characters we wouldn’t be ashamed to bring home to mama; in fact, those that we’d gladly bring him home.

First up today is Nabu from the ‘Winx Club.’ Now, coming off of the recent buffoonery that was ‘Fate: The Winx Saga,’ I thought he’d be perfect and well deserved breath of fresh air.


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Nabu is from an affluent family from Andros, where main Winx Club member, Aisha, is from. Her parents informed her about how they picked out a young man for her marry. Princess life, am I right? Aisha is immediately against the arranged marriage because it’s archaic and she didn’t even know whether she wanted to be married.

Little did she know, however, that our boy would be the one for her! Nabu turns out to be the arranged suitor but he was wasn’t down with the marriage either. But when he found out who his intended was, he wanted to see her for himself and get to know her on his terms.





To be honest, Nabu was making some weird moves at first. He’d trail Aisha and her friends to find out more about her. Thats a lot of creepy, my guy. But, when the girls would end up in trouble, he would be there to help out using his awesome magic skills. Aisha and Nabu had a Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask  vibe for a minute. He would pop in to help save the day, then peace out. Until he introduced himself as Ophir- it was a fake name, sure- but he was finally talking to her.

Eventually, as Ophir he goes on missions with the Winx and Specialists, he earns their trust. He and Aisha grow closer and ophir later reveals who he truly is to her after a mission. He also tells her how he feels about her and she feels the same.

They’re relationship is sweet, and grows a lot, and by the fourth season he officially proposes. It’s not all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops, however, because we need to discuss the most tragic thing that has ever happened to me!



 Spoilers ahead! Brace yourself!

So, in season four, the Winx and the earth fairies are battling these guys called the Wizards of the Black Circle. And, by the name, you can guess that they aren’t good house guests or good at being decent people in general. Long story short, in the big battle against them, Nabu ends up sacrificing himself to save everyone!





I couldn’t believe it! My brain couldn’t function; literally head empty, no thoughts. Nabu was everything! Intelligent, handsome, capable, sweet, romantic; he checked all the boxes bro. And you decided to take him away from Aisha? From us?! I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Now, depending on what dub you watch, he either can’t be revived or he’s in a long deep sleep. They probably added that last one because the writers knew how they personally attacked me. But I choose to live in a world where he survived. No death or death like sleep. He’s awake, happy and planning his wedding! Here’ his profile:


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Obviously, his profile was swiftly deleted after falling in love with Aisha. What do you think? Still upset about what happened to Nabu like I am? Please tell me I’m not alone in this. Aisha really deserves the best and I was heartbroken when they killed him off. And for what? To make her suffer? How could they? Also, no Aisha or Nabu slander will be tolerated! Please and thank you.


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