My Trip to The Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World

In the back streets of Venice, my husband and I stumbled across the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World: Libreria Acqua Alta. I had read about the bookstore before. Stumbling through the streets of Venice, I had completely forgotten about it until by chance, we came across it one afternoon.



With everything from books, maps, gondolas, and even cats, the bookstore is famous around the world and especially in Venice. When we got there, there was a film crew inside interviewing the owner, Luigi Frizzo at the desk. We couldn’t explore much, but the bookstore itself as a whole was beautiful. Post card racks were lined on the street and tables laden with various books were cast around. The other entrance down a narrow street had a large green door with stacks of books and a giant medallion with a lion on it. 



This might have been the first bookshop I went to where I didn’t buy anything. The experience itself was enough. The shop is located off of the water, like everything in Venice and it’s set in a small nook between two walls. This bookshop is something every book lover must see in their lifetime!


What are some of your favorite bookshops?


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