Shira Josephson

My Fav Superhero Is This 8-Year-Old Who Reads to Sick Kids Online. You?

Just like the Neil Young song, we search high and low for a heart of gold. With all the bitterness in the world, we yearn to hear that someone is still good; we want something to hang onto. This past week, I’ll have to say that I did indeed find someone with a heart of gold. And she’s eight-years-old.


Shira Josephson

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Shira Josephson made a choice to give her time away to those who don’t have much of their own. The endearing young girl sets aside a few minutes every week to make a video of herself reading her favorite book picks. There in her room, surrounded by her cute stuffed animals and glittery decorations, she reads to a very special audience: the children who are too ill to leave their hospital rooms.


Shira first came up with the idea for her channel, Shira’s Story Corner, when she became a junior ambassador at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. When they couldn’t leave their rooms, even for the visitor’s reading room, she knew she had to give them back their childhood joy of reading.


Shira Josephson

Image Via The Week


“It’s been exciting to watch her come up with all these ideas and to help her make them come to life,” Shira’s mom Brooke explains. Sweet classics like Corduroy, Have You Filled a Bucket Today, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and more! And when she’s not in front of the camera reading to the sick kids, she’s raising money for them and writing her own special stories.


“I will do everything I can to make the videos special for you, so you don’t feel alone,” Shira says. Take a look at one of her reading videos below. This girl is golden.


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